24 February


When LG asked me to promote the LG G5 I didn't hesitate. I had been using an LG G2 for several years and I was in love with it so I was really hyped to finally get an upgrade. And I got it. With my LG G5 I got a few ‘LG friends'. Because the G5 is a modular phone, there are a few things that you can switch, snap together or remove. So I got the CAM PLUS and 360 CAM. The thing that I love the most about LG Phones is the link between software and hardware.

I'm a google fan so also stock android. But the only phone where I love the 'software skin' is the LG Series. The LG has a big and bright screen (2560 x 1440) QHD resolution and it's easy to use with one hand. I don’t often use my smartphone camera for outdoor photography, but when I read that the G5 had 2 cameras I was excited for a big outdoor test. During the weekend when I received my G5 it was my favorite weather outside namely very cloudy and foggy. So I took my bike and went to a local forest near my hometown, with the G5 in my pocket of course.


I turned my phone on and opened the camera. There I changed into manual mode. Because when I shoot with my smartphone I always use manual mode because there are so many settings that you can change to your liking. The standard camera app from LG is pretty clean, it's well-ordered and super-fast. The first thing that I wanted to test was the manual focus. I saw some flowers with a few raindrops on it so I changed the ISO to 400 and with a F1.8 aperture it couldn’t go wrong.

Due to the fog it was not that sharp but the colors where bright and with a few tweaks on Snapseed I was very happy with the first results. But there was another thing very interesting. Namely the second lens comes with an F2.4 aperture and 8MP sensor.

It can capture 135-degree super wide-angle image. In the camera app you can easily switch between the two lenses through a button and when using the digital zoom, the camera switches seamlessly between the two modules.


With the LG CAM I got an optional camera grip to speed up my work process. It comes with an additional 1,200mAh battery capacity and offers power, shutter, video and zoom buttons. It also lets you lock exposure.Tapping on the three dots at the top of the row of icons along the left edge of the screen lets you choose from three interfaces. Simple removes all controls but the wide angle switch from the screen. An image is captured by tapping anywhere on the screen.

Auto mode automates most of the camera operation but leaves you some parameters to play with. Because the G5 supports a microSD Card it's pretty handy for saving shots. Another useful feature that I love to have is a fingerprint reader. On the G5 it's also the power button and with that same button you can easily hang-up on a call.


With just a tap anywhere on the screen you can fast focus and exposure is linked to the focus point. There is also a file format button that allows you to easily switch to DNG Raw file capture mode. Current parameter settings are displayed at the top of the screen. All the essentials, such as panorama and HDR modes are also joined.

If you’re looking for a good overall phone with an extremely good battery and camera. Go have a look at the G5. Or if you want some more information or check out more features you should visit the LG website. Special thanks to LG Belgium for making this happen.