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02 March

Foto Grobet

Since two years I have my own DSLR camera namely the Canon 70D. But I've teamed up with Foto Grobet to promote the Canon EOS 5D MARK III and the 24/70mm f2.8 lens. It's a pleasure to shoot with that kind of DSLR so I was very excited to go on adventure with my new gear.

A few weeks after I got my Canon 5D, there was some fresh snow a few hours from my hometown so we jumped in our car and drove to the Eifel national park. We discovered an abandoned Railway bridge fully covered with snow. We climbed to the top of it and the view was amazing. The only thing that you could see was trees. The imposing viaduct has a length of 160 m, a height of 42 meters. On 29 May 1976 the last train with passenger traffic drove the route.

Example 1

I always use the manual mode on my camera because there are so many settings that you can change to your liking. With the 5D you can easily change the iso,aperture and shutter speed with just 3 simple clicks. You can see your settings on the little display on top of the body or all of these setting are well-ordered on the LCD Display. The result is one of the best screens currently available - clear, sharp and high-resolution. Same as the manual mode of the body, I most of the time don't use the autofocus of my lens. I wanted to capture some snowflakes because it was snowing again. After all I was very happy that the body was protected for some rain and dust.

Example 2

After our way back to the hotel I saw a nice reflection on the water, we parked our car for a quick stop at the lake. The lake was so still that you barely couldn't see that it was water or sky at your feet. I grabbed my tripod and I did some long exposure shots. And I'm happy with the end result, same for you?

The thing that I like the most about Canon DSLR is the battery life it's extremely good and you can easily have 3 days on the same battery even when it's freezing or super cold you can make it to the end of the day. One thing pictures alone can't ever describe is how a camera will feel in your hand, the 5D Mark III is one of those cameras that just feels 'right' and provides a positive grip.

Example 3 Example 4

With the 5D Mark III large images files it is advisable to use a fast CF memory card, especially if you are just like me and shoot in Raw+JPEG mode so thanks to Kingston for provide me some fast memory cards.

The Canon 5D Mark III is an excellent photographic tool so if you go for the Canon EOS 5D Mark III or if you search for other photographic gear head over Foto Grobet they have an extremly good service and they are specialist for photo, video and accessories. So thanks Foto Grobet.